#1: Introducing Genesis Block: a digital bank powered by crypto & blockchain

Published on October 2, 2021

Best clips highly rated Work at Home, Relationship Tips, Dating Help, Ten Tips, and How To Invest In Blockchain Technology, #1: Introducing Genesis Block: a digital bank powered by crypto & blockchain.

Hello world! Meet Genesis Block, a new digital bank that’s powered by crypto & decentralized protocols. The app is live in the App Store (iOS & Android). Get the link to download at https://genesisblock.com/

In this our first episode, Mick Hagen (CEO/Founder) goes into more detail about what Genesis Block is, what problems it aims to solve, and who it’s for. We discuss our partnership with Visa & Evolve Bank. We discuss how most of the top financial products today are only for the super-wealthy or well-connected — but how blockchain technology is starting to change that and level the playing field. We go into more detail about how Genesis Block is making it really easy for normal people to tap into the value of this exciting technology without needing to become a blockchain expert. We discuss how we think this product will go far beyond just the crypto audience. We also give a glimpse into what you can look forward to in the upcoming episodes. It’s jam-packed with content and we’re just getting started!

0:18 Introducing Genesis Block
2:15 Financial Access & Inclusion
3:20 Removing Blockchain Complexity
4:28 Beyond the Crypto Audience
5:33 What’s Ahead

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~ Podcast platform links (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, etc): https://anchor.fm/genesis-block
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~ Download the app: https://genesisblock.com/download

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How To Invest In Blockchain Technology

How To Invest In Blockchain Technology, #1: Introducing Genesis Block: a digital bank powered by crypto & blockchain.

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#1: Introducing Genesis Block: a digital bank powered by crypto & blockchain, Get popular high definition online streaming videos about How To Invest In Blockchain Technology.

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