7 Best Blockchain Stocks

Published on March 19, 2021

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My 7 best blockchain stocks in the stock market

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Here are the 7 best ways to invest in the stock market with the 7 best blockchain stocks. Blockchain is the infrastructure that powers most of the cryptocurrencies that you see today, it’s what makes the technology decentralized and more importantly secure – the original cryptocurrency that did it first was of course Bitcoin – but this video is not about Bitcoin or Ethereum. As investors we kind of several choices, we either try to pick a cryptocurrency and yolo meme invest it all into Dogecoin which is obviously not the best idea – or, we can find some of the companies that have positioned themselves to make a good profit from the digital revolution.

  1. SOS Limited:
    8.1% daily gain, 220% in the last week, but wait, there’s more, 454% in the last month, 532% in the past 3 months, but wait, for a limited time only, in just 1 year 660%. Crazy price action of this stock, but there’s a lot more to it than the price. SOS received a huge batch of Ethereum and Bitcoin mining rigs that’s going to make them nearly $300,000 per day soon (assuming current crypto prices hold) – and since their debt is around $200,000, they stand to grow and make a lot of money.

  2. RIOT:
    It’s one of the largest US based mining companies. Last week the stock grew by 92%. Last month 204% – 3 months – 1,390%. In the last year, 5,150%. Bitcoin has left the chat. Just for context, a 5,150% increase of your money means that a $1,000 investment of this stock would have made you over $50,000. If it was $10,000, then more than half a million. Last week, they told the world they achieved a milestone of roughly 1 exahashes per second. For context, the total network hashrate is at 150 exahashes per second – it doesn’t sound like a substantial amount of the power, but it’s making them a lot of money especially considering the price of Bitcoin is at an all time high.

  3. PayPal. True, it’s not a blockchain stock, but it’s got exposure to the blockchain – regardless of which cryptocurrency becomes the “winner” in this digital evolution, PayPal will integrate it. Roughly 171,000 people every single day on average in 2020 joined PayPal. The company said it expects to have over 750 million users by 2025, and with it’s recent integration with crypto I think it will get there even sooner.

  4. Square:
    Square bought roughly $50 million dollars of Bitcoin in October of 2020. That investment is now worth over a quarter of a billion dollars. Square is integrated in virtually every small business or start up of as their primary choice as a payment processor. Also, they own the Cash App which is similar to Venmo, you can send money to your friends and it happens to be a really successful brokerage app that’s similar to Robinhood – but even simpler to use.

  5. NVIDIA:
    Nvidia makes many of the processing chips that go inside of the mining machines that many mining companies use. Plus Nvidia has integrated itself as a major player not only in the gaming industry (which has grown to be larger than the music and movie industry combined), but also the EV market. Nvidia chips will be used as the primary “brain” for the new electric sedan from NIO.

  6. Tesla:
    Besides making the best electric cars in the world, they’ve also started integrating cryptocurrency into their business model. While technically not a “blockchain” company and more of a technology company, Tesla bought 1.5 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin. That investment has now made them more money than their entire history of selling cars. Mind. Blown.

  7. Miscellaneous stocks to look into: MARA, CANNAN

Downside risks: Some of the mining companies I mentioned are heavily correlated to the price of Bitcoin. When Bitcoin goes up, so do those stocks. That’s why I wanted to give a variety of businesses that are less dependent on how the crypto prices are doing. My strategy is to focus less on brute force miners, and more on creative crypto solutions

*None of this is meant to be construed as investment advice, it’s for entertainment purposes only. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.

Who Has The Best Blockchain Technology


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