A Swiss-UK dialogue: A discussion on Blockchain/DLT in action – implications for financial markets

Published on September 3, 2021

New full length videos relevant with Hair Inhibitors, Weight Loss Tips, Lottery Tips, and Hybrid Blockchain Examples, A Swiss-UK dialogue: A discussion on Blockchain/DLT in action – implications for financial markets.

A Swiss-UK dialogue: A discussion on Blockchain/DLT in action – implications for financial markets (with support from the Swiss Embassy)

Why you should watch: Two committed Blockchain enthusiasts/entrepreneurs go head-to-head with a sceptic from the FT, in a context provided by Switzerland’s recent passage of a DLT Bill designed to permit introduction of DLT-based securities represented or issued on a Blockchain network. Switzerland is home to around 130 Blockchain/DLT startups in the banking infrastructure, investment management and payments space, and is clearly positioning itself as a leading jurisdiction for what it sees as a decentralized financial future. Not much meeting of minds, but plenty to chew on. With an introduction by the Ambassador of Switzerland to the UK, Alexandre Fasel.

Moderator: Andrew Hilton (Director, CSFI)


Tim Grant is CEO and Head of Business at SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) in Switzerland. He is a former CEO of Blockchain start-up, DrumG, and a former head of the research lab at R3. He began his career with UBS, in 1992. He was educated at Cambridge and the University of London.

Mathias Imbach is CEO (and co-founder) of Sygnum, described as ‘the world’s first digital asset bank’. He was formerly a private wealth manager for Ratan Tata, and before that was with Bain & Co. He has a PhD from the University of St Gallen and an MSc from LSE.

Jemima Kelly is a reporter at the FT and at FT Alphaville, which she joined in 2018 from Reuters. Her Twitter feed says she is known for ‘snark’, which seems fair a comment. She was educated at King’s College, London.

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Produced/Edited by Alex Treptow

Hybrid Blockchain Examples

Hybrid Blockchain Examples, A Swiss-UK dialogue: A discussion on Blockchain/DLT in action – implications for financial markets.

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A Swiss-UK dialogue: A discussion on Blockchain/DLT in action – implications for financial markets, Enjoy latest complete videos about Hybrid Blockchain Examples.

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