Accountability in a Permissioned Blockchain | IEEE Euro S&P 2020

Published on September 7, 2021

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Sep 9, 2020 | Zoom conference | IEEE Euro S&P 2020
Session #4: Blockchain and Crypto protocol security
Accountability in a Permissioned Blockchain: Formal Analysis of Hyperledger Fabric
Mike Graf, Institute of Information Security, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Ralf K¨usters, Institute of Information Security, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Daniel Rausch, Institute of Information Security, University of Stuttgart, Germany

ABSTRACT: While accountability is a well-known concept in distributed systems and cryptography, in the literature on blockchains (and, more generally, distributed ledgers) the formal treatment of accountability has been a blind spot: there does not exist a formalization let alone a formal proof of accountability for any blockchain yet. Therefore, in this work we put forward and propose a formal treatment of accountability in this domain. Our goal is to formally state and prove that if in a run of a blockchain a central security property, such as consistency, is not satisfied, then misbehaving parties can be identified and held accountable. Accountability is particularly useful for permissioned blockchains where all parties know each other, and hence, accountability incentivizes all parties to behave honestly. We exemplify our approach for one of the most prominent permissioned blockchains: Hyperledger Fabric in its most common instantiation.

Blockchains Can Be Public Or Permissioned

Blockchains Can Be Public Or Permissioned, Accountability in a Permissioned Blockchain | IEEE Euro S&P 2020.

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Accountability in a Permissioned Blockchain | IEEE Euro S&P 2020, Get more full videos relevant with Blockchains Can Be Public Or Permissioned.

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