Algorand Co-Chain LIVE Q&A | Private & Public Blockchain Architecture – Silvio Micali & Team

Published on September 1, 2021

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Understanding this need for both public and private blockchains, Silvio Micali has recently shared his latest for Algorand Co-Chains, which are private permissioned chains that interoperate with the Algorand MainNet.

During this virtual event, Algorand team members Silvio Micali (Founder), Naveed Ihsanullah (Head of Engineering Research), Jing Chen (Chief Scientist), Paul Riegle (Head of Product) and Keli Callaghan (Head of Marketing) answer questions from the community on Algorand’s Co-Chain architecture.

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What Are Private Blockchains

What Are Private Blockchains, Algorand Co-Chain LIVE Q&A | Private & Public Blockchain Architecture – Silvio Micali & Team.

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Algorand Co-Chain LIVE Q&A | Private & Public Blockchain Architecture – Silvio Micali & Team, Play new explained videos related to What Are Private Blockchains.

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