BEST SIMPLE Blockchain Explanation 2021 (What is Blockchain Technology?)

Published on May 2, 2021

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Today I’m joined by Ellie Gonsalves for the last of our Bitcoin Beginners series where we go over simple and basic concepts in cryptocurrency. We’re going to review everything that Ellie has learned about crypto, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology.

What is blockchain technology? We’ll explain the blockchain for beginners and how it is the backbone of cryptocurrency. As a normal person, you don’t need to fully understand how blockchain works. But today, we will provide you with a basic understanding. Then, we’ll go over all of the concepts we’ve discussed with Ellie and the main takeaways from our Bitcoin Beginners series.

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00:00 INTRO
02:00 What is blockchain technology itself?
06:00 What have Ellie and you learned in this series?

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What Is The Best Blockchain Technology

What Is The Best Blockchain Technology, BEST SIMPLE Blockchain Explanation 2021 (What is Blockchain Technology?).

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