Blockchain and Land Registries: Lessons from the Field

Published on May 7, 2021

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Recently, many people within the property rights space have been talking about blockchain and land. Only a few companies have actually completed related projects, however. The Future of Property Rights program is fortunate to welcome a number of these industry leaders, as well as representation from the World Bank, on to our panel to speak about their efforts concerning blockchain technology and land registry systems. The panel will also include a FPR staff member, as the program recently released a paper on blockchain and land.

These members of the property rights space will discuss lessons learned from past pilots concerning blockchain and land registries, as well as current thinking and future challenges.

Corbin Page
Product Lead, ConsenSys & Co-Founder, Pangea

Todd Miller
Vice President, U.S. Business Development, ChromaWay

Aanchal Anand
Land Specialist and Blockchain Expert, The World Bank

Natalia Karayaneva

CEO and Founder, Propy Inc.

Christopher Mellon
Policy Analyst, Future of Property Rights program, New America

Michael Graglia
Director, Future of Property Rights program, New America


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How Blockchain Technology Help Inter-organization Processes

How Blockchain Technology Help Inter-organization Processes, Blockchain and Land Registries: Lessons from the Field.

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Blockchain and Land Registries: Lessons from the Field, Watch most shared videos related to How Blockchain Technology Help Inter-organization Processes.

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