Blockchain Andy Explains Zillacracy

Published on June 5, 2021

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Blockchain Andy is a prominent YouTuber who vlogs on blockchain topics, especially Zilliqa. He is also the Head of Marketing and Community for Zillacracy, a community outreach for the Zilliqa blockchain. He joins Chase Raz to talk about the Zilliqa community, smart contract development, and how to get involved.

Zilliqa Research:

Contents of this Podcast:
• About Blockchain Andy
• What is the Zillacracy community initiative?
• How does someone in the Zilliqa community get involved?
• Zillacracy’s council for management and decision making.
• Hiring developers to help build smart contacts.
• Offering community marketing resources to dApp developers.
• Zillacracy = access to community; ZilHive = access to grants, development.
• UFFS – Ultimate Fantasy Franchise Sports
• Stance on interoperable and multi-chain blockchain projects.
• Zillacracy is funded by the community via Zilliqa staking.
• Developing an into an “open company” model for finances

Podcast Details:
The ZIlliqa Observer
Episode 5: Blockchain Andy Explains Zillacracy
Host: Chase Raz
(Twitter: @ChaseRaz; Web:
Guest: Blockchain Andy (Andy Little)
(Twitter: @BlockchainAndy; YouTube:

When Did Blockchain Start

When Did Blockchain Start, Blockchain Andy Explains Zillacracy.

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