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Published on October 10, 2021

Interesting full videos highly rated Online Marketing, Marketing Mistakes, and Where Blockchain Technology Can Be Used, Blockchain Applications In Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, Voting, Insurance, Real Estate | Simplilearn.

This blockchain application video will help you understand several modern-day security concerns, including issues with supply chain, cybersecurity, voting, insurance, and real estate
Blockchain is a distributed ledger of permanent records called blocks, which are secured using cryptography
At the end of the video, every individual will understand how Blockchain can be helpful in solving real-life problems.

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Below are the topics we will be covering in the video
1. blockchain in supply chain management (00:47)
2. blockchain in cybersecurity (02:46)
3. blockchain in voting (04:38)
4. blockchain in insurance (06:30)
5. blockchain in real estate (06:35)

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Simplilearn’s Blockchain Certification Training has been designed for developers who want to decipher the global craze surrounding Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. You’ll learn the core structure and technical mechanisms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms, use the latest tools to build Blockchain applications, set up your own private Blockchain, deploy smart contracts on Ethereum and gain practical experience with real-world projects.

Why learn Blockchain?
Blockchain technology is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, which enables digital information to be distributed. A network of computing nodes makes up the Blockchain. Durability, robustness, success rate, transparency, incorruptibility are some of the enticing characteristics of Blockchain. By design, Blockchain is a decentralized technology which is used by a global network of the computer to manage Bitcoin transactions easily. Many new business applications will result in the usage of Blockchain such as Crowdfunding, smart contracts, supply chain auditing, etc.

This Blockchain Certification course offers a hands-on training covering relevant topics in cryptocurrency and the wider Blockchain space. From a technological standpoint, you will develop a strong grasp of core Blockchain platforms, understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, learn key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain and understand why engineers are motivated to create an app with Ethereum.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Apply Bitcoin and Blockchain concepts in business situations
2. Build compelling Blockchain applications using the Ethereum Blockchain
3. Design, test and deploy secure Smart Contracts
4. Use the latest version of Ethereum development tools (Web3 v1.0)
5. Develop Hyperledger Blockchain applications using Composer Framework
6. Model the Blockchain applications using Composer modeling language
7. Develop front-end (client) applications using Composer API
8. Leverage Composer REST Server to design a web-based Blockchain solution
9. Design Hyperledger Fabric Composer Business Network 10.
10. Understand the true purpose and capabilities of Ethereum and Solidity

The Blockchain Certification Training Course is recommended for:

  1. Developers
  2. Technologists interested in learning Ethereum, Hyperledger and Blockchain
  3. Technology architects wanting to expand their skills to Blockchain technology
  4. Professionals curious to learn how Blockchain technology can change the way we do business
  5. Entrepreneurs with technology background interested in realizing their business ideas on the Blockchain

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Where Blockchain Technology Can Be Used

Where Blockchain Technology Can Be Used, Blockchain Applications In Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, Voting, Insurance, Real Estate | Simplilearn.

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Blockchain Applications In Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, Voting, Insurance, Real Estate | Simplilearn, Play more reviews related to Where Blockchain Technology Can Be Used.

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