Blockchain Domains + IPFS = Decentralized Websites – Bradley Kam

Published on May 31, 2021

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Traditional DNS has two points of failure—domain names require centralized custodians and content is stored on servers controlled by one company, meaning websites can be taken down. Unstoppable Domains builds domain registries on blockchains. These domains are not part of DNS and are stored in users’ Ethereum wallets. The user signs a message with their private key and writes their IPFS hash to the blockchain, giving them the power to put up or take down their website. Domains work in apps like MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, and Opera Browser.

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Can-blockchain-technology-decentralized-the-web, Blockchain Domains + IPFS = Decentralized Websites – Bradley Kam.

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Blockchain Domains + IPFS = Decentralized Websites – Bradley Kam, Enjoy most shared videos related to Can-blockchain-technology-decentralized-the-web.

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