Blockchain Essentials & Blockchain-as-a-Service on CloudFoundry – Gurvinder Ahluwali & Gari Singh

Published on June 7, 2021

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Blockchain Essentials & Blockchain-as-a-Service on CloudFoundry – Gurvinder Ahluwalia & Gari Singh, IBM

Blockchain is a new pattern of distributed transaction systems with private or public immutable ledger properties arrived through decentralized consensus algorithms across peer nodes. Recent milestones have created the Hyperledger Project as an Open Source Blockchain and delivered Blockchain-as-a-Service for the first time on a CloudFoundry-based commercial cloud provider. The three broad applications of Blockchain are as a platform for exchange of tangible and intangible assets, as a trusted source of truth, and to run smart contracts. This session will explain Blockchain, its uses, and its relationship to the cloud world. The session will elaborate on four consensus technology approaches, other architecture considerations and practices important to your Blockchain-based visioning or projects. Blockchain business use cases in Financial Services, Internet of Things, Business Contracts, Supply Chain Management and Provenance will be outlined. The session will demo an application built using Blockchain-as-a-Service running on a CloudFoundry-based provider cloud.

Gurvinder Ahluwalia
CTO Cloud Technical Solutioning
Gurvinder Ahluwalia is the CTO for the Cloud Technical Solutioning unit at IBM covering NA and an early member of IBM’s technical community working on Blockchain. In these duties, he covers CloudFoundry-based Bluemix ecosystem, hybrid cloud, and other services with the goal of weaving IBM, Open Source, and non-IBM capabilities into cohesive strategy and implementations for clients. Guri has taken $15M-150M dev programs for launch to internal environments or to commercial markets products. Previously, he has led Product Engineering of Handheld devices at Texas Instruments and Consulting practices in Distributing Computing at Accenture and in Digital Strategy at Diamond Technology Partners / PwC. He is based in Dallas, available on Twitter @guriahluwalia. Gurvinder is a Member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

Gari Singh
Chief Architect – Cloud Integration
United States
Gari Singh is an IBM Distinguished Engineer currently focused on Blockchain technology. He leads the architecture and implementation of the CloudFoundry based IBM Bluemix Blockchain offerings. Gari is a versatile technologist with over 20 years experience with all aspects of product delivery. He has held various roles spanning multiple technologies and industries. Prior to his current role, Gari was the chief architect for IBM’s IoT Cloud MessageSight offerings.

What Are The Different Types Of Hybrid Blockchains

What Are The Different Types Of Hybrid Blockchains, Blockchain Essentials & Blockchain-as-a-Service on CloudFoundry – Gurvinder Ahluwali & Gari Singh.

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Blockchain Essentials & Blockchain-as-a-Service on CloudFoundry – Gurvinder Ahluwali & Gari Singh, Play most shared updated videos related to What Are The Different Types Of Hybrid Blockchains.

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