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Published on July 25, 2021

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***** Blockchain Training : *****
This Edureka video on “Blockchain Explained” is to guide you through the fundamentals of the new revolutionary technology called Blockchain and its defining concepts. Below are the topics covered in this tutorial:

  1. History of blockchain
  2. What is Blockchain
  3. Traditional Transaction vs Blockchain
  4. How Blockchain Works
  5. Benefits of Blockchain
  6. Blockchain Transaction Demo

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About the Course

Edureka’s Blockchain Course is designed to introduce you to the concept of Blockchain and explain the fundamentals of blockchain and bitcoin. Blockchain course will provide an overview of the structure and mechanism of blockchain. As a beginner, you will be learning the importance of consensus in transactions, how transactions are stored on blockchain, history of bitcoin and how to use bitcoin. Furthermore, you will be taught about the Ethereum platform and its programming language. You will setup your own private blockchain environment using Ethereum. Also, you will develop a smart contract on private Ethereum blockchain and will be deploying the contract from web and console. The course is fed with various use-cases and examples, which makes the learning more interesting.

After completing this Course, you should be able to:

  1. Comprehend the cryptography and cryptocurrency concepts
  2. Encompass the concept of blockchain
  3. Understand the importance of blockchain technology
  4. Have a deep insight into bitcoin and its network
  5. Perceive, how bitcoin transactions are validated by miners
  6. Create and use bitcoin account effectively
  7. Understand Ethereum blockchain
  8. Learn Solidity: Prominent language to develop smart contracts
  9. Deploy your private blockchain on web where you can visually see your chains
  10. Send transactions between nodes
  11. Develop more than one nodes on same blockchain
  12. Making your own cryptocurrency
  13. Discuss the compelling use-cases of the blockchain
  14. Interpret the prospects of blockchain.
  15. Assess, how blockchain can improve your business standards.

Who should go for this course?

Anyone having basic programming knowledge and has a zeal to learn new technology can take up the course. Students and professionals aspiring to make a career in the Blockchain technology should opt for the course.

Why learn Blockchain?

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It is an ordered back linked-list data structure of blocks of transactions stored in a decentralized peer-to-peer network. It is the underlying infrastructure for bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency. In near future, many companies will be adopting blockchain technologies for trading publicly. Apart from bitcoin, it can be used for a wide variety of applications such as tracking ownership, digital assets, physical assets, or voting rights. It can also store and run computer code called ‘smart contracts’. However, blockchain is still new and the communities are still exploring the best ways in which it can be used.

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How Does Blockchain Technology

How Does Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Explained | Blockchain Simplified | Blockchain Technology | Blockchain Training | Edureka.

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Blockchain Explained | Blockchain Simplified | Blockchain Technology | Blockchain Training | Edureka, Find most searched explained videos about How Does Blockchain Technology.

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