Blockchain for UN Pension Fund Enrollment

Published on September 13, 2021

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As part of UNIN’s Blockchain Learning Series, this webinar share how the UN Pension Fund (UNJSPF) deployed a solution based on facial recognition and blockchain to reinvent the global Certificate of Entitlement process.

Colleagues from UNJSPF present how the organisation formulated the problem to be addressed, developed the approach for its resolution, achieved the intended outcome, and provided relevant assurance.

The solution was selected as a finalist in Gartner’s Eye on Innovation Awards for Government 2020. It was selected for demonstrating how emerging technology can be combined to allow services to be delivered in a completely different way, improving integrity and efficiency.

How Blockchain Technology Help Interorganizational Processes

How Blockchain Technology Help Interorganizational Processes, Blockchain for UN Pension Fund Enrollment.

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Blockchain for UN Pension Fund Enrollment, Watch popular replays related to How Blockchain Technology Help Interorganizational Processes.

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