Blockchain Immutability – Why does it matter?

Published on April 1, 2021

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In this episode of the FlureeDB Video Podcast, we sit down with Co-founder of Fluree Brian Platz to chat about Immutability and its value. We discuss the following:

Why is blockchain’s immutability so valuable to the enterprise systems in place today? How is that immutability achieved?

Fluree transforms data ownership, access, and security. Fluree offers an ACID-compliant blockchain distributed ledger that records every state change in history as an immutable changelog entry. It allows for powerful query capability with FlureeDB, a graph query engine. By bringing blockchain to the data tier, Fluree is a practical and powerful infrastructure on which to build, distribute, and scale custom blockchains.

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Are Private Blockchains Immutable

Are Private Blockchains Immutable, Blockchain Immutability – Why does it matter?.

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Blockchain Immutability – Why does it matter?, Find latest high definition online streaming videos related to Are Private Blockchains Immutable.

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