Blockchain in global trade

Published on July 13, 2021

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On January 24-25, 2019 the Center of Mathematical Sciences hosted a conference on distributed-ledger (blockchain) technology. The conference was intended to cover a broad range of topics, from abstract mathematical aspects (cryptography, game theory, graph theory, theoretical computer science) to concrete applications (in accounting, government, economics, finance, management, medicine).

Speaker: Alisa DiCaprio, R3

Title: Blockchain in global trade

Abstract: As trade has become increasingly connected, events like Brexit show the fragility of supply chains in the face of disruption. The increase in trade volatility comes at the same time as tremendous innovation in the ways we produce and track goods. But frictions remain in exchanging data across the vast number of entities involved in a trade transaction. By decentralizing data exchange, blockchain introduces tools that can allow each entity to be more flexible in the face of short term dislocations. After a brief introduction to enterprise blockchain, this presentation will answer three questions: what blockchain applications are going live now? Will these reduce trade volatility, and what are the real world challenges to full blockchain implementation?

Can Blockchain Technology Facilitate International Trade

Can Blockchain Technology Facilitate International Trade, Blockchain in global trade.

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Blockchain in global trade, Explore interesting full videos about Can Blockchain Technology Facilitate International Trade.

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