Blockchain in Lending — An end to traditional banks?

Published on November 14, 2021

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Whilst many are familiar with blockchain technology, it has not made as big of a splash in the lending industry yet. Blockchain’s part in lending is not limited to securing a bitcoin loan. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the following:

-how blockchain can help small businesses and organisations in emerging markets
-can lending really be 100% transparent when on the blockchain?
-what are some of the reasons why businesses are still hesitant to lend and borrow on the blockchain?
-what are the regulations and compliance restrictions with this technology?
-who are some of the start-ups that are using this technology successfully?

Presenters: Johanna Pugh (Misys), Taylor Gerring (Ethereum), Hugh Halford-Thompson (Blockchain Tech Ltd), Kush Patel (Tallysticks)

List Of Private Blockchains

List Of Private Blockchains, Blockchain in Lending — An end to traditional banks?.

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Blockchain in Lending — An end to traditional banks?, Explore latest videos relevant with List Of Private Blockchains.

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