Blockchain in Payment & Remittance Maxine Ryan and Elizabeth Rossiello

Published on October 20, 2021

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Maxine Ryan, co-founder of Bitspark and Elizabeth Rossiello, founder of Bitpesa, came together on stage at the Hong Kong Fintech Week with hard-hitting questions from The Wall Street Journal about the truth of using Blockchain for Payments since Bitcoin’s entrance in the world in 2009.

Watch as two of the industry’s largest players discuss the uphill battle for adoption, the integrity of Facebook’s Libra and the future of payments.

Here’s a hint, adoption won’t be from the US.

Can Blockchain Technology Reduce The Cost Of Remittances

Can Blockchain Technology Reduce The Cost Of Remittances, Blockchain in Payment & Remittance Maxine Ryan and Elizabeth Rossiello.

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Blockchain in Payment & Remittance Maxine Ryan and Elizabeth Rossiello, Find more complete videos related to Can Blockchain Technology Reduce The Cost Of Remittances.

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