Blockchain & Smart contracts: Digital Evolution Conference 2018

Published on August 17, 2021

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How does a Blockchain work? What can we do with it? How do Smart contracts come into the mix?

I was invited to give a talk at the Digital Evolution conference in Malmö, Sweden. They didn’t record the talks, so I decided to record it myself with my iPhone and a pair of headphones as microphone.

More info about the conference (Swedish):
Big shoutout to the organizers of the event for having me!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 What is a Blockchain?
5:26 What is a block? What are hashes?
9:47 How are Blockchains secured?
14:47 Use cases for Blockchains
19:00 Smart Contracts
21:23 Use cases for smart contracts (today)
24:20 Future use cases for smart contracts
29:18 Summary & conclusions

What Are Blockchains

What Are Blockchains, Blockchain & Smart contracts: Digital Evolution Conference 2018.

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Blockchain & Smart contracts: Digital Evolution Conference 2018, Watch new reviews about What Are Blockchains.

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