Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin – Quick & Easy Learning – learn Blockchain

Published on August 22, 2021

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Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin – Quick & Easy Learning – learn Blockchain
What you will learn in this course ?
What you’ll learnClear understanding about Blockchain Technology in a simplified mannerTalk confidently about Blockchain TechnologyAll about Bitcoins and CryptocurrenciesKey Concepts in BlockchainBlockchain Dictionary & Key TerminologyStrong Knowledge about Distributed Ledger/Hashing/Mining & Proof of WorkWhy Blockchain is RevolutionaryAbout Opportunities and Limitations of Blockchain
Have you ever wondered that something called Blockchain will become a hotly discussed topic among your colleagues and friends? You may know a bit and have heard a bit about this. But still can you talk confidently about Blockchain Technology?This course is specially prepared for anyone with an interest to learn Blockchain fundamentals in a simplified manner.At the end of this course you will have a strong knowledge in everything you must know about fundamentals to Blockchain Technology such as key concepts, all about Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoins, key terminology, hashing and mining etc. with animated and graphically presented lectures, accompanied PDF notes, published resources, use cases and live visits to online platforms.Are you aware that this is going to be a disruptive change with high potential to change our lifestyles in a near future? This revolution will definitely change the world and you will become the first to know it. So, Get Enroll Now and enjoy the World of Blockchain!
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Is Blockchain Technology Easy To Learn

Is Blockchain Technology Easy To Learn, Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin – Quick & Easy Learning – learn Blockchain.

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Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin – Quick & Easy Learning – learn Blockchain, Watch interesting explained videos related to Is Blockchain Technology Easy To Learn.

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