Blockchain Technology in Mining – Tanya Matveeva

Published on October 21, 2021

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23 April 2020 GSSA Lunchtime talk with Tanya Matveeva.

Tanya Matveeva, Kamni Consulting, discusses Blockchain Technology in Mining.

In her 20+ years in mineral exploration Tanya worked all around the globe, and has looked for so many various metals that one will struggle to list them all without taking a break to breath in – copper, nickel, platinum, gold, iron ore, bauxite, diamonds, coal, tin, tungsten, shale gas, uranium, titanium. Her work started in Russia with the biggest international mining company, and then took her to frozen tundra and high peaks in Canada, hot Australian desert, lush jungle in Cameroon, scary mines in Rwanda, long bumpy roads through West Africa, and vast Kazakhstan steppes. Ever an enthusiast of the new technologies, Tanya has been paying close attention to advancement of block-chain and is studying its’ role and growth in the mining industry.

Do Private Blockchains Need Miners

Do Private Blockchains Need Miners, Blockchain Technology in Mining – Tanya Matveeva.

Leading 4 Marketing Tricks Of Developing A Professional Practice

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Blockchain Technology in Mining – Tanya Matveeva, Find latest reviews relevant with Do Private Blockchains Need Miners.

Seven Pointers For Composing Posts On The Web

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Champions are the exact same. They put their newly discovered skills to use, taking concrete actions to enhance their performance, so they can take their business to the next level.

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