Blockchain Technology Transforming the Agriculture and Food Supply Chain – Webinar

Published on November 18, 2021

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Get an insight as to how blockchain technology is likely to disrupt the agriculture industry in future, how it can increase food safety and improve the overall supply chain for agriculture produce with guest speaker Emma Weston, CEO & Co Founder AgriDigital.

Key Takeaways of the Webinar
• Gain insights about driving factors and trends influencing blockchain in agriculture & food industry
• Interpreting blockchain’s value addition to all the stakeholders of agri-food supply chain
• Explore key applications in agriculture & food industry such as management of supply chain, finance, data, and property and understand the related market dynamics
• Probe into the regional adoption and regulations and identify key geographies for business opportunities
• Growth Outlook of the blockchain in agri-food market in the next 10 years

What Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For

What Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For, Blockchain Technology Transforming the Agriculture and Food Supply Chain – Webinar.

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Blockchain Technology Transforming the Agriculture and Food Supply Chain – Webinar, Get latest high definition online streaming videos about What Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For.

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