Blockchain Technology: What Is It Good for, Really?

Published on October 13, 2021

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Blockchain solutions have promised to solve a huge range of problems, from back office to governance to asset tracking to identity. But despite all the hype, surprisingly few of these ideas are operational today at scale. This panel will survey the broad landscape of blockchain projects to assess where, and under what conditions, they are having a demonstrable disruptive impact and explore where the real opportunities are unfolding from a commercial, impact, and investor viewpoint.


Staci Warden
Executive Director, Global Market Development, Milken Institute


Elad Gil
Chairman, Electric Capital

Sandra Ro
CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council

Stefan Schulz
Co-Founder and CEO, Bitfury Surround

Bill Tai
Venture Capitalist; Founder, ACTAI Global

Tomicah Tillemann
Co-Founder and Director, Blockchain Trust Accelerator, New America

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Which Blockchain Technology Is Best

Which Blockchain Technology Is Best, Blockchain Technology: What Is It Good for, Really?.

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Blockchain Technology: What Is It Good for, Really?, Watch top videos related to Which Blockchain Technology Is Best.

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