Blockchain use case | BrightFarms boosts food safety with blockchain technology

Published on October 9, 2021

Best reviews highly rated Pubic Hair Removal, Buy Online, Ezine Marketing, Weight Loss Program, and Where Blockchain Technology Is Used, Blockchain use case | BrightFarms boosts food safety with blockchain technology.

Indoor produce grower BrightFarms uses IBM Food Trust, built on blockchain technology, to track their product from pallet to grocery store shelves. Hear from Jackie Hawkins, BrightFarms head of food safety, and Paul Lightfoot, BrightFarms founder and president, about how this technology has changed the way they work. Want to learn how to use blockchain to build your next application? Get started here:

Learn more about IBM Food Trust:

Visit the BrightFarms site here:

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Where Blockchain Technology Is Used

Where Blockchain Technology Is Used, Blockchain use case | BrightFarms boosts food safety with blockchain technology.

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Blockchain use case | BrightFarms boosts food safety with blockchain technology, Get top complete videos about Where Blockchain Technology Is Used.

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