Blockchain v Protocol v Coin v Token – What's the Difference?

Published on November 13, 2021

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Blockchain v Protocol v Coin v Token – What’s the Difference?

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Even if you research “blockchain v protocol v coin v token” on Google and read up on the subject, you can walk away more confused than when you started and one of the problems is confusing terminology. People often use coin v token v protocol v blockchain interchangeably, which can be really frustrating if you are trying to learn about this new technology.

I mean, right now, are you sure what blockchain vs protocol actually means?

If you had your friend in front of you now and had three minutes to explain the difference between coin token protocol blockchain – could you do it?

It’s tricky, and that is coming from a teacher with twenty years teaching experience.

In this video, I break it all down: coin v token v blockchain v protocol by reference to the technology itself. I focus on the functionality of the blockchain technology, protocols, coins and tokens and I show you how that technology is layered (i.e. protocol v blockchain v coin v token) so that you can then ignore confusing labels, see through the words and work out what people are actually talking about because you understand the technology.

Here are some time stamps to help you around the video:

0:44 Graphic: blockchain v protocol v coin v token – an overview
1:19 What is blockchain technology?
2:06 Blockchain technology use cases
3:08 Blockchain technology consensus models (e.g. POW, POS, DPOS)
4:00 Blockchain technology is ‘open source’ – explained
4:12 What are blockchain protocols?
5:12 How coins are built into blockchain protocols
6:05 Why build a coin into your blockchain protocol?
6:57 Bitcoin as a blockchain protocol
8:18 Bitcoin and price manipulation
8:30 Ethereum blockchain protocol
9:18 EOS blockchain protocol
12:00 Summary: blockchain v protocol v coin
12:35 What are tokens?
– smart contracts
– programmable digital assets
13:49 What is the token economy?
– How do token v coin v blockchain v protocol all fit together?
– case study: Everipedia token
– built on EOS protocol
– developers and EOS resources e.g. CPU, bandwidth, RAM
– Everipedia application users and Everipedia tokens
14:43 Coin v token: confusing terminology and how to decode it
17:51 Permissioned blockchain protocols (e.g. Hyperledger; Quorum) and tokens

Okay, now test yourself! Go find someone and explain the difference between protocol blockchain coin token – go on, it will be fun! 🙂

Start with protocol vs blockchain. The platform is the protocol v blockchain, the underlying technology. What is an Ethereum token? Best place to start is ERC20.

Blockchain ICOs tokens? What is a blockchain token? Well, now you are getting into the confused terminology: so just remember protocol and coin are part of the same system v token is part of an application built on top of the protocol.

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Hybrid Blockchain Examples

Hybrid Blockchain Examples, Blockchain v Protocol v Coin v Token – What's the Difference?.

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Blockchain v Protocol v Coin v Token – What's the Difference?, Enjoy trending full videos related to Hybrid Blockchain Examples.

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