Booking private jets unsing blockchain and crypto? – George Levy

Published on November 12, 2021

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In this interview recorded with Bitsonline at the 2018 Money 20/20 event in Las Vegas, I interview Stuart Bullard, Chairman and CEO of Airthereum.

Airthereum is a startup which focuses on enabling users to book private travel faster and more efficient by leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency payments.

This video interview is provided for information and educational purposes and is not meant as investment advice nor an endorsement of Airthereum.

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George Levy is an instructor at Blockchain Institute of Technology, and the author of the best selling online courses Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals, Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions and multiple other courses.

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Is Blockchain Private

Is Blockchain Private, Booking private jets unsing blockchain and crypto? – George Levy.

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Booking private jets unsing blockchain and crypto? – George Levy, Watch most shared reviews relevant with Is Blockchain Private.

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