Build a Blockchain Track-and-Trace Application on AWS

Published on May 14, 2021

Interesting updated videos highly rated Ezine Publishing, Hair Removal Sugaring, Choosing a Credit Card, Cause of Hair Loss in Women, and What Blockchain Technology Does Amazon Use, Build a Blockchain Track-and-Trace Application on AWS.

Track and trace is often a challenge for today’s supply chains due to outdated paper processes and disconnected data silos. The lack of connectivity can cause visibility gaps, inaccurate forecasts of supply and demand, human error, counterfeiting, and compliance violations. With Amazon Managed Blockchain, entire supply chain networks can track updates on a single shared ledger, providing optimal data visibility and a single source of truth. In this tech talk, learn how to set up a blockchain network and build a track-and-trace application using Amazon Managed Blockchain. No Prior Experience Required.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn how to build a multi-party blockchain network
*Understand building a track-and-trace supply chain application
*Learn the basics of enterprise blockchain applications

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What Blockchain Technology Does Amazon Use

What Blockchain Technology Does Amazon Use, Build a Blockchain Track-and-Trace Application on AWS.

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Build a Blockchain Track-and-Trace Application on AWS, Find interesting full videos relevant with What Blockchain Technology Does Amazon Use.

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