Crypto Market Leaks – Next 100x ALTCOIN Projects

Published on July 11, 2021

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The next 100X is out there so let’s try and catch it! Bitcoin is looking good on the bounce and we’ll look for more opportunities to get financially free in 2021! One of them maybe UNIDO which launched today.

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0:00 – Next 100X! How bullish is crypto?
0:56 – Bitcoin good follow-through
1:40 – Ethereum: needs more follow-through
1:52 – BTC dominance and Market Caps
2:20 – BNB: it’s going higher
4:28 – Trades: EWT, STRAX, ICX moving up
5:27 – New and Hot: DOWS, SUPER
6:50 – Update: UNN, Public MINT
7:57 – FXF: patience gets rewarded
9:06 – SFI, UNIDO
10:10 – YIELD App: ETH deposits open today
12:02 – Under the radar projects video coming

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Public Blockchain List

Public Blockchain List, Crypto Market Leaks – Next 100x ALTCOIN Projects.

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Crypto Market Leaks – Next 100x ALTCOIN Projects, Enjoy top replays about Public Blockchain List.

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