CryptoPsychedelic 2018 #4: Implications of Blockchain/Crypto Technology

Published on April 3, 2021

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Filmed February 3, 2018 at the CryptoPsychedelic Summit in Tulum, Mexico, panel 4 of 6.

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How do crypto fundraising and the internet of money change the process of fundraising for topics that cannot be funded by institutional money? What types of projects or initiatives can be funded this way? What does the future of companies and science funded via tokens look like?

Featuring (from left):
Moderator Chelsea Palmer, blockchain educator
Vinay Gupta, Ethereum
Jake Vartanian, Cryptodex and Native
Max Borders, Social Evolution and Voice & Exit
Gary Lachance, Decentralized Dance Party

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Public Blockchain 2018

Public Blockchain 2018, CryptoPsychedelic 2018 #4: Implications of Blockchain/Crypto Technology.

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CryptoPsychedelic 2018 #4: Implications of Blockchain/Crypto Technology, Get trending full length videos related to Public Blockchain 2018.

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