Energy Mining Comparison Of Different Blockchains

Published on October 11, 2021

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This video will present the current power and mining consumption of some leading blockchains. You will be illustrated how current mining algorithms can affect the environment and which blockchain is environment-friendly. This video will also help you in choosing the blockchain which is profitable for mining and detailed analysis on GPU / CPU mining
The system used in the experiment: Tesla V100

Ethereium – Earlier TeslaV100 was meant for machine learning, not for mining purposes.

DodgeCoin we will be using t2XLarge instead of AWS contains 4 virtual CPUs and 16 gigs of ram.

ZCash needs to utilize GPU, so we utilize the same GPU here, Nvidia Tesla V100 and AWSB-32XLarge with 8 virtual CPUs present.

Libonomy, 2 virtual CPUs, and just to list them you can see as highlighted for Libonomy we are utilizing T2Large, Amazon Instance

What Are Blockchains

What Are Blockchains, Energy Mining Comparison Of Different Blockchains.

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Energy Mining Comparison Of Different Blockchains, Find more videos related to What Are Blockchains.

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