Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Published on September 6, 2021

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Eugene Chuvyrov Talks about ‘Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure’ at https://SiliconValley-CodeCamp.com in San Jose Hosted by PayPal

Learn how to deploy enterprise blockchain solution on Azure, understand Microsoft Cloud-specific constructs to enable next-generation blockchain solutions (cryptlets), and glance into the future of blockchain on Azure.

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Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

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Speaker Biography for Eugene Chuvyrov

Eugene Chuvyrov is a Senior Cloud Architect at Microsoft. He works directly with both startups and enterprises to enable their solutions in Microsoft cloud, and to make Azure better as a result of this work with partners. Over his tenure at Microsoft, his focus varied from modern DevOps, to enabling AI solutions in the cloud, to advising customers on creating Blockchain solutions in Azure. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge from those engagements with the community.

Private Blockchain Azure

Private Blockchain Azure, Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017.

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Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017, Get more explained videos relevant with Private Blockchain Azure.

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