Ethereum, Bitcoin, take huge price hits; should you be worried? Frank Holmes dissects market

Published on September 25, 2021

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Volatility is built into the “DNA” of cryptocurrencies; investors and traders should not worry about the price drops earlier this week, said Frank Holmes, executive chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies.

Speaking on Ethereum and DeFi, Holmes said “I think that this is a phenomenal industry, and there’s going to be many new derivatives come from it, and it has nothing but blue sky, but extremely volatile.”

0:00 – Volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum
11:15 – Crypto mining

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Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Public Blockchains

Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Public Blockchains, Ethereum, Bitcoin, take huge price hits; should you be worried? Frank Holmes dissects market.

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Ethereum, Bitcoin, take huge price hits; should you be worried? Frank Holmes dissects market, Get new full length videos relevant with Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Public Blockchains.

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