Free TON and African Blockchain Institute Campus Hackathon. Full version. 02.02.2021

Published on August 26, 2021

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We held Free TON and African Blockchain Institute Campus Hackathon. 02.02.2021

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Free TON is a blockchain launched by a community of developers, validators, and other contributors from around the world striving together to achieve full decentralization.

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00:00 Mr. Kayode Babarinde, session master, Blockchain Institute. Intro
00:19 PART1 – Alexander Filatov, TON Labs. Scalability and Mass adoption
05:51 Durov’s TON. TON Labs adoption for developers and users. Rust node
08:48 Free TON
11:47 Partnership model
13:42 Fully decentralized
15:14 Community structure
16:49 Is the Governance of Free TON on-chain or off-chain?
17:55 What value can developers bring to the Free TON?
19:13 How different is Free TON with Ethereum?
22:53 How can I exchange Free TON and get cash?
24:52 PART 2 – Abhishek Bhattacharya, Whrrl startup co-founder
28:46 Blockchain core
34:17 What is decentralization?
39:45 Grave issues of a centralized world
42:29 Is the answer is Distributed ledger technology?
42:48 Myths
52:15 Why blockchain?
55:52 Types of Blockchain
01:11:34 Enterprise blockchain advantage
01:15:43 Incentive mechanisms and attacks
01:23:48 Is it possible for a transaction on public blockchain never to be approved?
01:27:02 TAT gain, Manipulating
01:32:55 Blockchain and innovations
01:33:36 Transactions per second
01:38:32 Generations
01:42:08 Use-cases. Supply chain management
01:43:36 Insurance
01:44:42 Agriculture
01:50:56 PART 3 – Mitja Goroshevsky, TON Labs CTO. Free TON Blockchain and TON OS. Capabilities, Structure, Tools
01:51:50 Compare with others
01:55:47 What we are doing
01:56:16 Difference
01:58:06 Multi-threaded execution of smart contracts
02:00:22 TON Virtual Machine. Compilers, SDKs, toolchain, smart contracts
02:01:47 Voting. No centralization point. DePool
02:02:55 Unique architecture
02:06:03 Web v3.0 – why that is bad?
02:08:54 DeBots. End-to-end decentralization.
02:10:56 TON Surf blockchain browser
02:12:11 TON Card. Use-cases
02:13:46 TON OS: A fully integrated tech environment
02:19.35 Secure cards
02:21:27– PART4. Ekaterina Pantaz, TON Labs SDK Product Owner. Free TON Developer Quick Start Guide
02:23:26 Free TON blockchain. Masterchain, workchain, validators, validator election
02:24:47 Account definition. Address. Balance
02:25:30 Deploy the smart contract. Not for free. Comissions, fees
02:27:13 Sharding
02:28:12 Message. Inner messages. External outbound messages. Events
02:29:11 Transaction
02:30:16 BOC – Bag Of Cells
02:31:18 TVM – TON Virtual Machine
02:32:41 Transaction executor for SDK users. Contract debugging
02:33:18 TON Live – blockchain data browser
02:36:01 How to create Your first smart contract. TVC and ABI files.
02:38:52 Use-case: Signing box
02:39:59 Quick start prerequisites. Generate keys, calculate address, sponsor it with tokens from giver, deploy, run
02:44:13 ABI-file – interface of the contract
02:45:53 Use-cases. How to add Your contract to Your application. External signing. Message delivery- resolve issues
02:47:00 GraphQL API – query data, send, subscribe to events
02:53:31 Installation, problems, Giver, SDK, modules, functions, parameters
02:55:48 Architecture of TON SDK. Information on smart contract addresses, formats, account structure, BOC, message
02:59:09– PART 5. Boris Ivanovsky. TON Labs Toolchain Product Owner. Smart Contracts in Free TON
03:01:39 Code editor. Compile. Link. Deploy. Simulation. Debug
03:05:50 Unique debugging capabilities
03:08:12 – PART 6. Mr. Thomas Mutemi, Clocksoft Ltd, Kenya, Software Engineer. Experience with Free TON
03:14:34 Final. Alexander Filatov. Mr. Kayode

Hybrid Blockchain Examples

Hybrid Blockchain Examples, Free TON and African Blockchain Institute Campus Hackathon. Full version. 02.02.2021.

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