George Levy – Tracking Physical Assets on a Supply Chain by Using Blockchain

Published on July 23, 2021

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Blockchain technology is increasingly being used in Supply Chain Management (SCM), and a growing number of products are being tracked using blockchain worldwide.

But, how is it possible for a digital system that’s using blockchain to keep track of a physical asset as it makes its way through a supply chain?

In this video based on a lesson from the complete video course on Blockchain in Supply Chain Management, George Levy explains how physical assets can be converted into digital representations that can be tracked and transferred using blockchain.

George Levy is an instructor at Blockchain Institute of Technology, and the author of the best selling online courses Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals, Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions and multiple other courses.

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How Does Blockchain Technology Work Pdf

How Does Blockchain Technology Work Pdf, George Levy – Tracking Physical Assets on a Supply Chain by Using Blockchain.

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George Levy – Tracking Physical Assets on a Supply Chain by Using Blockchain, Play more updated videos about How Does Blockchain Technology Work Pdf.

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