Where To Buy Bored Bunny NFT?

Bad Bunny is a collection of hand-drawn, completely random non-fantasy trading cards (NFTs), playing cards, and an upcoming digital P2E Trading Card game called PAW WARZ!

In PAW WARZ, Bad Bunnies have a special function, and each Bad Bunny is represented in the game by a 1/1 unique FULL BODY BUNNY card. The game’s Kickstarter was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be launching in the near future.

The Bad Bunnies have no rules and are not bound by any restrictions or limitations. There are no gameplay mechanics to learn and no limitations on what can be done with them.

One of the more recent NFT initiatives, Bored Bunny, could be a model for projects that should be avoided. Although it resulted in profits for most people who minted one, there are other ways that NFT initiatives should be conducted.

From handling the Discord community to the artwork unveiling, it appeared more like a money-grabbing opportunity for the art producers and the staff, who have been untrustworthy at every turn.

Let’s start with the concept and the artwork. The Internet site. All of this was motivated by HAPEBEAST, a work of art with a correct roadmap, functionality, and much higher quality than the visuals they have already been teasing.

The website appeared to be a copy, which was the first warning sign to look out for. You simply had to spam in the channel to achieve a certain user level and get into the checkbox to be able to mint early on.

This was thanks to the easy initial ways that were made available, which allowed the community on Discord to begin expanding at a rate that was unfathomably fast and whitelisting to take place too rapidly.

How did Bored Bunny capture the attention of such a large number of people, although it was merely another NFT project? The partnerships were highlighted at various points throughout the presentation. Even the page that describes the Opensea collection mentions “The N°1 International Boxer Floyd Mayweather, The TOP 100 Youtuber David Dobrik.”

Not only these two but also a particular follow from one of the celebrities was flung in as news, generating FOMO among possible customers who hopped in to buy one of these at triple or quadruple the mint cost, not even having a clue what the NFT is heading to be because the unveiling was set for the 8th of January.

When they first began the raffles, the whitelisting process was not above suspicion. Everyone who participated in the lottery was then theoretically eligible to mint the Bored Bunny NFT because the number of persons who were to be selected by the raffle constantly changes, and the number of winners continued increasing bigger.

Additionally, the number of winners kept getting bigger. Imagine for a moment that this is the situation during the pre-sale; in that case, what would transpire during the sale? Since everyone who participated in the pre-sale purchased all of the NFTs, nothing was left over for the public sale.

Everything, including the contract and the people on the team working on the project, is often disclosed in the days leading up to the launch of any NFT project, regardless of the scope of the endeavor. Nothing was done here, and the contract was only made available at the last minute.

This left no time for anyone with the ability to read it to even take into account doing that, and if they did, they would have been too late: by the time something fishy was started to notice, the minting might have already been finished on the other side.

Buy bored Bunny NFT:

Buy bored Bunny NFT

You can buy bored Bunny NFT at the Open sea platform here. OpenSea is a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that gives users the power to purchase, sell, make, and exchange NFTs. As of November 2022, it had more than 2.4 million active members and a daily trading volume of $6.03 million, making it the most popular platform for trading NFTs.

OpenSea is quite proud that it was the first and the largest NFT platform that provides vital NFT services. Before it was established in 2017, there was no centralized location where users could easily trade various non-fiat currencies. OpenSea was developed to enable users to trade crypto collectibles and other non-fungible tokens with one another.

The desktop and mobile dashboards begin with two prompts that allow users to investigate NFTs or generate a new cryptocurrency wallet. You can also connect your existing cryptocurrency wallet to the platform if you already have one. You can either browse the extensive selection of more than 2 million NFT collections or create your own.

OpenSea is compatible with many distinct types of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including those representing works of art, music, collectibles, virtual lands, sports assets, and domain names, as well as utility NFTs such as membership tickets.

You can quickly recognize the best and most fashionable collections in each area. Users can filter the results by selecting periods, such as the past 24 hours, seven days, 30 days, or all time. You also can choose a certain blockchain that you would like to investigate.

How to Use OpenSea?

How to Use OpenSea

OpenSea features a user interface that is both straightforward and approachable for newcomers, making it a breeze to operate and traverse. To begin using OpenSea for transactions, you must first link a cryptocurrency wallet to the platform.

Your wallet is the interface through which you interact with the blockchain to send and receive deposits and payments. When you link your wallet to the OpenSea platform, your non-fungible tokens are not kept on the platform as OpenSea is a noncustodial service; rather, they are delivered to the address you provided for your wallet.

The first step is to click “New Wallet” under the wallet section. Depending on which blockchain platform you use, you will either be prompted to download a new wallet or choose an existing one. After your wallet has been integrated with OpenSea, you can purchase and sell items with your then-linked cryptocurrency.

You also can purchase various tokenized assets in the form of security offerings or SAFTs. In some cases, these tokens are more commonly known as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), a term coined in 2017 by an innovation company called Slock. It.

The difference between an ICO and SAFTs is that the former is created to crowd a new project, whereas the latter will grant its users ownership of a product or service.

To navigate through OpenSea’s offers, you can use the categories label on each page to filter the results by type of NFT. If you click the “All Categories” link, you will be taken to a page with an extensive list of assets and NFT types.

From there, you can choose to browse assets through price, type of NFT, or category. With this option, it is possible to search by tags. If you have specific tags in mind that you would like to browse, this is another way.


The entire purpose of the raffle was to keep the game in question going. But it took a little while for project organizers to realize there would be no way to keep it open as more people joined it. Market participants started buying up all of the Bored Bunny tokens with their ETH, and there was nothing left over for everyone who wanted to purchase them.

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