Who Is Hyper NFT?

Who Is Hyper Nft

The Hyper NFT blockchain provides the most value of any comparable system by connecting the world of digital collectibles with a real-world experience accessible only to members. Collectors can participate in various activities, including factory tours, test drives, VIP parties, racing events, auto shows, and exclusive events.

Thomas Gavache, the project’s creator and entrepreneur. The project aims to incorporate various aspects of real-world automobiles into virtual versions of supercars. It received a purchase price of $100,000 for its initial R-01 model, which was designed for the blockchain game REVV Racing.

The Enthusiastic Group of Supercar Collectors is responsible for creating and launching the Hyper NFT project, similar to the popular and successful Invisible Friends NFT project. The Hyper project was started so people passionate about supercars could obtain Digital Assets for Luxury Automobiles Cars.

This NFT had an extremely long wait crypto list because so many people were interested in it. Under the banner name “Money Can’t Buy,” HyperNFT was considered to be a Blockchain Bridge. This banner was given the name “Money Can’t Buy.” This NFT’s overarching goal is to provide customers with a luxurious experience that will allow them to obtain the supercar assets they desire in the Metaverse.

The Hyper NFT Buyers and Collectors would be allowed to go into the Metaverse and participate in activities such as touring supercar workshops and showrooms, going on auto and road trips, attending private events, and driving in real life.

Thomas Gavache was the founder of HyperNFT, along with other enthusiasts collecting Supercars. Their goal was straightforward: to recreate the sensation of driving a supercar in the digital world, which is now more commonly referred to as the “metaverse” worldwide.

Thomas was aware that many people are passionate about cars, and he knew that given the rapidly expanding auto industry, those people would be eager to buy. Just before its launch a short while ago, it was awarded a super transaction consisting of purchasing a supercar model R-01 for $100,000.

Thomas also believed it had enormous potential compared to other Supercars, such as those produced by Tesla, Ford, BMW, and many other manufacturers.

Who is the founder of Hyper NFT?

Who is the founder of Hyper NFT

The founder of Hyper NFT is Thomas Gavache, who has a passion for automobiles. HyperNFT is a blockchain project that delivers an immersive experience of driving supercars to its users.

This project was created so people passionate about supercars could obtain Digital Assets of Luxury Automobiles Cars from the blockchain.

Co-founder of the non-profit organization NFST for the Metaverse, Thomas Gavache. He has worked for both Google and Twitter in the past. Thomas was also billed for his participation in sales and partnerships earlier. He was a co-creator of Hyper NFT and was deeply involved in ending the scams involving Hyper NFT. He has helped build a team of 25 people.

Hyper NFT Market

Hyper NFT can be traded on exchanges. At the moment, only a small number of exchanges support Hyper NFT. Therefore, it takes work to buy or sell this coin. But this situation can change with time as the popularity of this coin increases.

The main purpose behind creating Hyper NFT was to create an interactive blockchain game. This game will allow users to enjoy some supercar experiences in their digital life (Metaverse).

These experiences will include tours of supercar workshops, road trips, auctions, meetings, and other events. Users can enjoy these experiences in the real world or on the Metaverse.

There is only one global market for buying/Sale Hyper NFT in the digital world, and that marketplace is the official website of hypernft.io. Although the website has been under construction for quite some time, crypto news indicates that shortly, it will get listed in a larger cryptocurrency marketplace such as the open sea.

There has only been one sale of Hyper NFT in the Blockchain space so far, and as we have mentioned, that sale was for approximately one hundred thousand dollars in the racing game using an R-01 model. Everyone is watching for the next Big Crypto Transaction that will be conducted under Hyper NFT.

Future of NFΛST Hypercars

Future of NFΛST Hypercars

NFΛST has sold more than 504,000 digital tokens in the Hyper NFT blockchain and is continuing to introduce new teams, cars, and events. The opening of the Landbank of North America allows this company to start a partnership with other companies and individuals who have significant assets and a passion for supercars.

Hyper NFT has a lot of potential for future growth. There will be more discussions about Hyper NFT in the next few months because this game has a solid foundation for growth.

In an interview, Thomas Gavache stated the following regarding the trajectory of NFAST: “Nfast must fulfill on both sides, as a way for their stockholders to affirm their online identity and live new experiences.

Collectors can take pleasure in viewing their hypercar in high definition. However, thanks to augmented reality, they can compete with it and earn money or show it off to their friends.

Taking into consideration the potential of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. The Hyper NFT market has significant potential for profitable investment, and many prominent investors are expected to participate in the NFT project.

The developers working on NFST Hypercars are doing their best to add more features to this project. Permit us to highlight a few of the upcoming features, including:

  • Collectors have the opportunity to compete against one another and win prizes.
  • Those who collect Hypercars will get a kick from watching replays of their vehicles in 4K and HD.
  • Members can demonstrate their Hyper NFTs to their colleagues and close friends.
  • Those who collect Hypercars can take their cars for tours and tours in the real world and the Metaverse.

The developer team of Hyper NFT has plans to launch additional features such as:

  • The developers will also be able to add new features such as car customization via mobile applications, pictures, and personal data sharing between the Driver and other participants.
  • Since launching its Kickstarter campaign, Hyper NFT has become one of the most profitable ICOs. The future looks bright for Hyper NFT.


Although this ICO is still in its early stages, it is still very lucrative in terms of ROI. However, at the same time, it is very risky for investors as this project might not meet its goals, and as a result, investors could lose money.

But considering that ICONOMI has a team of experts working tirelessly to help any investor succeed in their investments. Hyper NFT is a project that investors need to keep an eye on. While technology is advancing at a rapid pace, it is evident that the demand for virtual assets will continue to rise at the same pace.

Blockchain technology will be able to attract many investors who are keen on experiencing high-end vehicles without actually purchasing them. This is because, with Hyper NFT, these people can buy digital tokens and use them as they wish in the blockchain world.

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