How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market

Published on June 29, 2021

Latest overview top searched Pubic Hair Removal, Dating Tips, Home Equity Loans, Email Newsletter, and What Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For, How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market.

The technology underpinning blockchain is a powerful decentralizing network architecture that could revolutionize many industries. Now, some artists are leveraging blockchain to help guarantee the authenticity of their work — and ensure that they get paid. Miles O’Brien reports on how digital documentation is putting power back into artists’ hands, even when no tangible object exists.

This report features artists Nanu Berks, RFX1, Orvz1, Beatriz Ramos, Boris Toledo, Massel Quispe, Susana Riveros, Raul Avila, Javier Errecarte, Lorena Pinasco, Boris Simunich, Isa Kost, Vanesa Stati, Marko Zubak and their work.

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What Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For

What Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For, How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market.

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How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market, Get latest videos about What Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For.

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