How Blockchain Technology is challenging and improving established Processes

Published on May 5, 2021

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This webinar was organised by Franziska Grafe, Head of the BVL Young Professionals, and held Nov 4, 2020.

At first we explained what a Blockchain is in a general manner. In a second step we presented how the Blockchain technology can improve an established model like SCOR. We provide SCOR methods and showed how they are influenced by Blockchains.

In a last step we showed the current use in the Maritime Industry, benefits and challenges that come along.

Short introduction Young Professional Network BVL and handover to CHAINSTEP GmbH
Franziska Grafe, Supply Chain Planner, Hempel Group A/S
General welcome of Chainstep GmbH
Frank Bolten, Managing Partner, CHAINSTEP GmbH
Presentation “How Blockchain Technology is challenging and improving
established Processes”
Timo Schneider, Logistics & Blockchain Consultant bei CHAINSTEP GmbH
Madjid Tehrani, Blockchain Architect, CHAINSTEP GmbH
Open discussion

How Blockchain Technology Help Interorganizational Processes

How Blockchain Technology Help Interorganizational Processes, How Blockchain Technology is challenging and improving established Processes.

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How Blockchain Technology is challenging and improving established Processes, Search more full videos related to How Blockchain Technology Help Interorganizational Processes.

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After all it’s everything about people offering (or advising) products Hybrid Blockchains they UTILIZE to their own network of acquaintances and friends. To people who TRUST them.

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