How JPMorgan’s Onyx is redefining payments in banking with blockchain

Published on November 23, 2021

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What is one of the biggest banks in the world thinking and doing about blockchain?

For over five years, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has been advancing blockchain technology in the banking sector. Its JPM Coin — a wholesale payment stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar — is now transacting billions of dollars every day. JPMorgan’s open information-sharing network Liink — formerly known as Interbank Information Network — now has over 400 banks. Just last October, after JPMorgan sold Quorum, its blockchain protocol to the Brooklyn-based blockchain software firm ConsenSys, the banking giant established Onyx, its new blockchain unit.

“We’re building a shared software, a collaborative infrastructure with this new emerging technology. And it’s not just JPMorgan building products and services and selling it to everybody,” Christine Moy, the global head of Liink at Onyx, told Forkast.News in a video interview.

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Banks Can Use Public Blockchains

Banks Can Use Public Blockchains, How JPMorgan’s Onyx is redefining payments in banking with blockchain.

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How JPMorgan’s Onyx is redefining payments in banking with blockchain, Find latest replays relevant with Banks Can Use Public Blockchains.

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