How to build Blockchain applications using Azure Blockchain Services – Part 1 of 2

Published on March 8, 2021

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In this episode, Sander Gerz talks about the Azure Blockchain Service. This service is a fully managed ledger in the cloud that you can use to build your blockchain applications on top of. This is part 1 of a 2 part mini-series about building blockchain applications.

Part 1 features the Azure Blockchain Service. In part 2, Sander shows the Azure Blockchain Workbench and a VS Code extension for building and deploying smart-contracts.

Watch part 2 of this mini-series:

00:00:10 – Blockchain introduction
00:05:00 – Blockchain services in Azure
00:07:09 – Azure Blockchain Service demo
00:16:26 – Wrap-up

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Private Blockchain Azure

Private Blockchain Azure, How to build Blockchain applications using Azure Blockchain Services – Part 1 of 2.

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How to build Blockchain applications using Azure Blockchain Services – Part 1 of 2, Play trending full length videos relevant with Private Blockchain Azure.

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