How To Generate NFT For Free?

How To Generate NFT For Free

The internet is a dark place, and it has a lot of dark corners. Some are innocuous, but others threaten your wallets, identities, and even your peace of mind.

There’s no shortage of malicious hackers looking for ways to get hold of data you don’t want them to have- like your credit card details or email logins. So what can you do to keep hackers from getting their hands on your most sensitive information?

One option is to generate a cryptocurrency that’s generated using a technique called “Proof of Stake.” The idea behind this technology is that the more coins you have, the higher the likelihood of your coins being duplicated fraudulently for every coin you possess.

The beauty behind Proof of Stake is that it cuts out the need for costly hardware and electricity. All you need is some coins and some know-how to get started.

This guide will show you how to generate your Proof of Stake coin in minutes without any special hardware or software. The best part? Your cryptocurrency will be as safe as any major currency out there.

What is NFT?

What are NFTs

NFT is an abbreviation for “Non-Fungible Token.” In the blockchain world, NFTs store and transmit information about blockchains. They differ from most cryptocurrencies because they have only one purpose: to represent a specific asset.

In other words, unlike Bitcoins or traditional cryptocurrencies, which are meant to transfer value between people and businesses, NFTs are intended to store information about items in the real world.

They can be used to create and manage ownership of digital assets such as stocks, bonds, copyrights, and supply chains. And they can also be used to verify ownership of real-world assets like a car or a house.

One thing that makes them unique is their several pairs of names. For example, an asset may have an owner and a current holder. Or it may have multiple owners or multiple holders at the same time.

How to create NFT for free?

How to create NFT for free

Putting together a non-fungible token, also known as an NFT, and selling it on any marketplace incurs a considerable cost (sometimes referred to as a gas fee). This fee can start as low as ten dollars and go as high as one thousand dollars, depending on the blockchain and the platform you employ.

However, there are ways to avoid paying the gas price and mint (produce) your NFTs without spending any money. It is important to remember that costs are associated with minting and selling NFTs.

Because of this cost, many producers and artists have been dissuaded from adding their collections to the popular marketplace. On OpenSea, the following guide will show you how to avoid paying any gas fees when you make and sell your own NFTs. (This is a brief diversion from our earlier post on establishing your initial non-financial targets.)

  • Visit OpenSea and sign up for an account there. Verify that you already possess a wallet created with MetaMask or Coinbase.
  • On the OpenSea dashboard, navigate to the ‘My Collection’ section and click the ‘Create new collection’ button.
  • Create the artwork for your NFT by uploading your file and including a logo, banner, name, and description.
  • Choose the Polygon blockchain if you want to mint your NFT without paying a gas fee.
  • Now, to get started, click the “Add Item” button. It is important to remember that the price must be a minimum of $2 for OpenSea to accept it.

Creating a crypto wallet account:

Creating a crypto wallet account

You will require a cryptocurrency wallet to construct your own NFT and open an account on any NFT marketplace. Wallets are used to store and send money. We’ve decided to go with Metamask because it’s one of the most popular and easy-to-obtain options. There are other options, like the wallet offered by Coinbase.

When you first create an account for your wallet, you will be provided with a “seed phrase” that is twelve words long; this will serve as your one-of-a-kind password. The seed phrase serves as your security code, so make sure that you keep it private and don’t share it with anyone (handy if you forget your password).

Creating an account on an NFT marketplace:

You must create an account on the NFT marketplace where you wish to mint NFTs. This can either be done through OpenSea or a different coin.

After selecting the currency, your wallet supports and verifying your account, head over to the openSea dashboard and execute the action ‘ADD TOKEN’ next to the wallet you want to connect with.

Painting some art:

Once you have set up your account, the next thing that you will need to do is paint some art for your NFT. While this may seem like an easy step, it does take a lot of creativity and skill. Aside from having the necessary artistic ability, it would be best to consider how well your artwork will hold up against the test of time.

Uploading your art:

To upload your artwork, navigate to NFT’s ‘My Collection’ page and click the “upload files” button. Upload your file either while on the page or when creating your NFT.

Choosing free minting:

Whether you’ve created an NFT, the time will come when you need to make it readily available for purchase. If you have a non-fungible token created entirely by yourself, you can choose whether you want to go with free mint.

If your NFT is currently under market value, it might be a good idea to use the free mint option.

The NFT is minted:

After you’ve uploaded your artwork, the NFT is broken down into six pieces. This is done so that the recipient can reconstruct it with ease.


As we have already mentioned, there are free ways to create and sell your own NFTs. One of the easiest ways to do so is by creating them on OpenSea.

However, if you’d like to sell your artwork on a different platform, other options are also available (such as Rare Bits). It would be best to consider that every marketplace will have a different method of selling your artwork. In addition, remember that it’s a good idea to use an authenticator to keep your work secure online.

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