How To Get Free NFT Art?

How To Get Free NFT Art

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are fairly new in-game assets created to increase the game’s playability and immersion. They give a sense of value over time by allowing players to collect unique digital ownerships of in-game items and exchange them with other players. Creating these objects is as easy as using a digital paint tool such as Adobe Photoshop.

As with anything in life, there is a catch; some NFT creators often choose to hold the rights to their art indefinitely and will only release their work to paying customers. The popularity of this action has given rise to many fake NFT artists that try to take advantage of the market by selling works they didn’t create themselves.

One method of authenticity verification is finding a link on a developer’s website from which you can download a vector file. If the web address is a domain registered to a developer, then it’s highly likely that they made the vector art.

Before we go any further, I point out that 99% of the time, people who create NFT art for in-game assets are rarely going to turn it over to you. If an artist does this, it is because they feel like it’s too much work for someone to appreciate what they do. This means you should keep pursuing your dream in life. If you do, then who will keep your dreams alive?

Regarding finding out if the artist is someone you can trust, most of the pieces I’ve seen on DeviantArt don’t say anything about making NFT art for a game. Most of them are public art about how awesome their life is and how good of an artist they are. If that’s the case, there isn’t anything to worry about.

Play-to-Earn NFT Games:

Play-to-Earn NFT Games

These games don’t offer NFTs, but they give you something way better. Users that sign up for a Play-to-Earn site will have the opportunity to earn in-game resources and items while they play the game. These sites are geared towards rewarding people who tend to make purchases on them rather than giving easily redeemable items.

The biggest reason these games are a better deal than NFTs is that you can’t sell your in-game assets at any price. First, the game company can always change its mind about transferable items. Second, you could lose your account and be left with nothing. It’s important to remember that the developers control all aspects of what happens in-game.

However, this is a double-edged sword because you have less power as a buyer over NFTs. If you’re trying to buy digital art that costs more than the developer’s original asking price, there’s no guarantee they will give it to you.

NFT Airdrops:

NFT airdrops are easy to spot because they tend to be very cheap. It’s common for developers to want to get their product out there and make their NFTs as easily obtainable as possible.

This can be a negative thing because the popularity of airdrops can cause prices for individual items and bundles to plummet, ending up in you spending more money than the person that just wanted an NFT for the sake of collecting them.

I recommend only buying your NFTs from airdrops with a predictable price. I always look for the “lowest” of what’s available to get something with decent value out of it instead of trading my items away for much less than they’re worth.

Since I’m doing this, developers tend to use a realistic price that is constantly being updated. This has happened multiple times with some games and has led to much better prices than before.

NFT Giveaways:

This is a fun way to get some extra NFTs for yourself. Just use the official web forums for a game and often check for giveaways. Not only can you get yourself some more NFTs, but you can also set aside items to be used as a giveaway prize.

In the same vein as airdrops, social media giveaways are a marketing approach that blockchain-based firms employ to raise awareness about their respective projects. It is also used by large companies operating in the cryptocurrency field to reward their communities and ensure that they will continue to be devoted over the long term.

To qualify for these giveaways, participants are typically required to attend a certain number of events or complete some activity. It could be a task such as getting the most likes on Twitter or getting a certain amount of individuals to sign up for the various communities associated with the project.

Giveaways of NFTs typically take place on Twitter and Discord, both forms of social media. Nonetheless, a significant amount of participation is necessary to find these freebies. On Twitter, this indicates that you must follow the project’s official Twitter profile to stay informed about what the team is working on and whether or not they have plans to host a giveaway.

NFT Breeding:

One of the unique types of services offered by blockchain is that you can breed two different assets and make a new one. This is done by sending a transaction to the platform’s smart contract with the two assets you want to use as “parent” tokens.

The result will be a completely new asset or token that you can use to represent your newly created NFT every time a developer activates the “create new asset” function in their smart contract.

NFT Marketplace:

NFT Marketplace

This is a controversial topic, but it’s also very popular now. As I’ve said earlier in this guide, most of the current blockchain-based games don’t have any way to sell or trade your NFTs outside of their official marketplace. Some users are savvy enough to find ways to get around API restrictions and have found a way to sell their NFTs on third-party sites.

The main reason why you have to avoid this is because of the possibility that they could get your account banned. Many platforms will ban users if they are caught selling their NFTs outside of the official marketplace.

If you want to avoid losing everything, it’s best to sell your assets on the official platform instead of giving them to a third party that may also screw you over in the long run.

Mint Yourself a Free NFT:

The premise behind minting is that you can mint a free NFT (in some cases, only one) and then use it as your avatar in the game. This is also a great way to attract people to use your game because they want to get their free NFT and spend money on the platform to get more. Over time, they’ll be accumulating items just like you are, so they could decide to sell their portfolio at the perfect time for you.

To mint an NFT, you usually need to unlock a certain amount of game currency by playing the game and reaching new milestones. Once you reach the desired point in the game’s progression, your account will be upgraded to use more credits. This is also how developers can implement level-based systems in their titles if they want to.

The only thing that could stop you from minting some NFTs is if they don’t want you to do it. Most of the time, it’s really easy to do. You can go to the developer’s official support forums, which will give you a link to create as many NFTs as you want. They may even address specific issues and provide detailed instructions on obtaining your new assets.


Overall, NFTs are cool because they’re easy to get, it’s easy to find a game you like that supports them, and they can make some money. I recommend you try them out if you haven’t already done so. Good luck and happy trading!

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