How to Invest in BITCOIN without buying BITCOIN! + Invest in Blockchain Technology with the HBLK ETF

Published on April 1, 2021

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Bitcoin is making headlines again…. its popularity is rising simply because it’s value keeps going up and up and up. People are getting rich and it’s becoming a bit of a speculation frenzy!

I get asked all the time what I think about Bitcoin, Crypto currencies and my answer is always the same

As a Passive Income Investor who only invests in stocks and funds that provide Income, or a Dividend, i personally did not invest in Bitcoin because it goes against my core strategy

BUT it doesn’t mean that it might not be a great investment. Who am I to say.

So how can you invest in Bitcoin without actually buying Bitcoin?
Also, is there a way to invest in the actual technology (Blockchain). behind bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

The answer is yes and it’s pretty easy. Let me show you!

A quick disclaimer:
I have to warn you that unlike all my other content, I did not invest in the 2 funds I will show in this video. But like I said, it shouldn’t prevent you from doing so if you feel it’s a great idea. Maybe I’m making a mistake by not investing in bitcoin now, who knows.I am also not ruling out investing in it , in the future, I learned long ago that keeping an open mind is important when it comes to investing, just like everything else.

I would suggest that if you’re thinking about investing in Bitcoin, at least have a core dividend portfolio in case something goes wrong. Don’t forget that Bitcoin is unregulated, and it’s a currency, not a business so anything could happen.

I do really like the concept and technology behind the idea. Paper money might eventually disappear as more and more people are using digital currency. So I do see the appeal of actually investing in the technology itself. The Blockchain technology

So let’s start with Bitcoin. To actually buy Bitcoin, it seems a bit more complicated than just buying a stock in your broker account. I could be wrong here, because I never bought bitcoin, so I’m just going by what I read online.

But, I did find a way to directly invest in Bitcoin as if you were buying bitcoin itself. You do this by investing in a Closed-end Fund listed on the Canadian Stock market. So it’s as simple as investing in any other stock.

Bitcoin Fund (QBTC):

Ok so that’s Bitcoin, but what if you’re more interested in the actual technology behind bitcoin, blockchain technology and don’t want to invest in the actual crypto-currency. Well there is a brand new ETF from one of my favorite ETF Providers: Harvest Called the Blockchain Technologies ETF. The stock symbol is HBLK.

Blockchain Technologies ETF.

Blockchain Technologies ETF

So as you saw there are alot of familiar companies in this fund. These companies are involved one way or another in the actual Technology.

Even though the ETF does not provide a dividend, I do think that this might be a good investment opportunity for long term growth. And I am personally more attracted to this investment rather than just Investing in Bitcoin, which is only 1 of many crypto currencies out there.

Interview with Harvest CEO on HBLK::

Again, I have to preach caution here. Don’t forget that what could be happening now with Bitcoin prices rising non stop can be another bubble, but maybe it’s not. Tread carefully nonetheless.

The HBLK ETF from Harvest is a great way to invest in the Technology itself, the Blockchain technology. I think this is definitely a safer play than Bitcoin. Too bad the ETF does not provide a dividend but it’s not surprising as this is a Growth ETF and not an Income focused ETF. Either way, it can be a great long term investment.

And as usual, thanks so much for watching,, stay safe….

Not a licensed investment advisor, videos for education and entertainment only.
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What Blockchain Technology To Invest In

What Blockchain Technology To Invest In, How to Invest in BITCOIN without buying BITCOIN! + Invest in Blockchain Technology with the HBLK ETF.

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How to Invest in BITCOIN without buying BITCOIN! + Invest in Blockchain Technology with the HBLK ETF, Find interesting reviews relevant with What Blockchain Technology To Invest In.

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