How To Mint Invisible Friends Nft?

How To Mint Invisible Friends Nft

However, many development developments have been risky, susceptible to value stagnation, low effort, or, even worse, outright scams. This is because non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have recently become increasingly popular. In this sense, reputation, integrity, and transparency are extremely important tenets in the space, but they are also becoming increasingly rare.

The Random Character Collective is one of the bastions of these tenets and strives to uphold them. The Random Character Collective is responsible for the creation of the “walking” category of animated non-fiction tales (NFTs), and it has organically grown a community of creators (artists working in both physical and digital mediums) as well as consumers that span multiple successful projects.

The Invisible Friends collection is The Random Character Collective’s most recent endeavor and arguably the one that has generated the most buzz. It is comprised of 5,000 animated NFTs that Markus Magnusson designed.

Currently, the Invisible Friends collection is in the pre-minting stage, which means that the initial holders of the NFTs have yet to be decided upon. The Random Character Collective is currently trying to allocate the NFTs to its community of artists, creators, and consumers.

For example, the current allocation criteria are more flexible than usual because it is a community-driven project. As a result of being driven by the community itself, both the pool of applicants and the allocation criteria are left up to interpretation.

What Are Invisible Friends NFTs?

What Are Invisible Friends NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, are unique digital assets with a fixed and transparent history. Each NFT possesses a serial number and an immutable cryptographic hash, allowing it to be tracked uniquely.

In addition, each NFT is associated with a server and verified by these servers (as well as the blockchain). The resulting blockchain allows individuals to own their digital assets without needing third-party intervention, such as banks or government institutions.

In addition to this, since the NFTs are connected to blockchains, they can be interacted with, traded, and transferred in a decentralized way.

These qualities, at once innovative and revolutionary, have made NFTs an attractive proposition for investors and companies alike. As stated by a report by the World Economic Forum (known as WEF), “NFTs have the potential to improve mainstream adoption of digital assets in our daily lives.”

The 5,000 animated NFTs that make up a set known as “Invisible Friends” depict walking avatars with no visible skin. The NFTs each have a diverse set of characteristics, establishing their level of rarity and the price they fetch on the market.

The Random Character Collective already has declared a 3D cooperation with Nguyen Nhut, which demonstrates the potential to tie future (airdroppable) projects into Invisible Friends in the same manner as the Bored Ape Yacht Club with the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, which has the power to add value in the long term. Invisible Friends is an acronym for “invisible friends.”

Who Created Invisible Friends?

Who Created Invisible Friends

After showcasing a diverse collection of walk cycles on his social media platforms and eventually becoming a member of the established Random Character Collective, Markus Magnusson formed the Invisible Friends project.

In the past, Magnusson has distributed non-fungible tokens (NFTs), some of which have been observed to sell for a significant amount above the floor price. In the past, the Random Character Collective has distributed multiple popular “walking” NFT collections with great success.

In this regard, the individuals responsible for producing Invisible Friends are legitimate and experienced. They have also demonstrated transparency throughout the process of producing this collection. As a result of the Random Character Collective’s experience in similar projects, it was decided that Magnusson would create the NFTs.

How to Mint Invisible Friends?

The Invisible Friends project is still in the pre-minting stage, which means that The Random Character Collective has yet to decide upon the initial holders of those NFTs.

The Random Character Collective has a tiered approach to allocating its digital assets and a variety of allocation criteria for applicants. The Random Character Collective also has a formal application process that takes time, effort, and resources to fulfill. The Random Character Collective allocates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the following.

In addition to the allocation above criteria, an applicant must meet the following criteria to be considered for any NFTs.

As a result of The Random Character Collective’s community-oriented approach, all of these rules are flexible and can be interpreted by the project’s governing body.

Because the public minting phase of the Invisible Friends project has yet to begin, the most compelling value proposition is acquiring a mint slot by signing up for the allowlist associated with the public mint.

Invisible Friends can be mined on the website for a price of 0.15 ETH, and any gas fees that may apply. These fees must be paid using an extension-based cryptocurrency wallet, such as MetaMask if they are to be incurred. If you successfully get onto the whitelist, you can purchase Invisible Friends.


The Random Character Collective has an innovative and well-thought-out approach to developing non-fungible tokens. The Invisible Friends project is one of the most popular collective projects thus far and has generated a significant amount of excitement, likely to continue.

As a result of this exciting and innovative project, many individuals are waiting for the minting phase to begin since it would help determine whether or not the price for a mint slot will be worth the investment.

When taken as a whole, earmarking an Invisible Friend coin has a pretty minimal downside (presuming that getting onto the whitelist is assumed to be a given), which is especially true when one considers the practical roadmap and positive reputation of the project, in addition to the current demand in the NFT market.

When one considers today’s rates of the other Random Character Collective projects and the community’s excitement toward fan art and the mint whitelist, one can see that the profit potential is fairly high.

Having said this, the long-term valuation of Invisible Friends (and any other NFT project, for that matter) is highly speculative due to the nature of the project, and it should be held with diversifying and hedging.

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