How To View Your NFT In Metamask?

NFTs are new crypto assets that can be traded on various exchanges. To view your NFT in metamask, you must create an account first and link your metamask wallet.

What is metamask?

What is metamask

Installing MetaMask, a browser extension that also functions as an Ethereum wallet and can be done in the same way as installing any other browser extension. After it has been installed, it gives users the ability to store Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, enabling them to conduct transactions with any Ethereum address.

Users can spend their coins in games, stake tokens in betting applications, and trade them on decentralized exchanges when they connect their MetaMask wallets to Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dapps) (DEXs). In addition, it offers users a gateway into the newly emerging world of decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, by allowing them to access DeFi applications like Compound and PoolTogether.

What is NFT?

What Is NFT

A Non-fungible Token (NFT) is a specific type of cryptocurrency that can be used in many ways. They can be stored, exhibited, or even used to play games by allowing players to identify themselves and participate. The most common NFTs are ERC-721 tokens.

ERC-721 tokens provide the framework for creating a new form of digital scarcity. It allows users to create unique tokenized assets on the Ethereum blockchain and makes them tradeable through a distributed exchange.

What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. It aims to be an open-source software platform, allowing developers to build and deploy decentralized applications with the ability to run these applications in a peer-to-peer environment. These capabilities allow users to create tokens based on Ethereum and use them to perform voting, crowdfunding, financial derivatives trading, etc.

How to view your NFT in metamask?

  • Locate the address of the NFT. You will discover a blue hyperlinked value with the label “Contract Address” on most of the NFT interfaces. If you click on this, you will be taken to the address of the contract on Etherscan.
  • On that page, there should be an icon labeled “Contract” in the top-left corner and a long string of letters and numbers to the right. The address of the contract that was used to create your NFT can be found here. You can copy the address to your clipboard by selecting the icon that looks like a copy machine to the right of the address.
  • In MetaMask Mobile, navigate to the ‘NFTs’ tab, tap on it, scroll down, and then tap on the link that says “+ ADD NFTs.” Cut the address of the NFT from your clipboard and paste it into the box labeled “Address.”
  • Determine the ID of the NFT. Since no two NFTs are identical, the ID of a collectible serves as a unique identifier. On the listing page for the NFT on Swappable, you will find the NFT’s ID listed under the heading “Details.” Remember to write it down. or
  • Copy it onto the clipboard on your computer.
  • Copy the ID and paste it into the MetaMask Mobile box labeled “ID.” Then, tap the “ADD” button, and your NFTs must show up under the NFTs tab.


After you have finished adding all your NFTs, go to the “VIEW” page for each of your NFTs. You will then see the message: “Your NFTs are ready.” They will be listed in alphabetical order.

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