Hybrid Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology Networks in Development at Chainlink Labs

Published on November 3, 2021

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At Chainlink Labs, CMO Adelyn Zhou embraces the complicated nature of marketing in the quickly evolving field of blockchain technology. She also leans into the idea that technology like blockchain can have a major impact on often-forgotten parts of the world.

“I think one thing being in a developed world [is that] you don’t realize is that we take a lot of our, our legal system and our contracts for granted. We think that, of course, you know, like if I get into this contract and they don’t pay me or they don’t deliver, I can take them to court. But in a lot of parts of the world, you don’t have that.”

Chainlink Labs is on the forefront of developing ways to connect data in the outside world to the blockchain to solve a myriad of problems. What does that look like in practice? Well, basically Chainlink is creating cross-chain communications and by doing so, it is using cryptocurrency and blockchain to open up a better way for developing nations to do business. And where does Adelyn come into the picture? As she communicates about the potential of this technology and builds trust with developers they move closer to fully realizing the good that can be accomplished in the world through Chainlink Labs. Learn more about the unique challenges of this new world of marketing on this episode of Marketing Trends. Enjoy!

Main Takeaways

-Special Challenges of Marketing to Developers: Zhou points to the challenges of marketing a rapidly developing product in the blockchain world. Also, marketing to skeptical developers requires a special level of trust that can’t be achieved by regular marketing channels.
-The Power of Hybrid Smart Contracts: Blockchain can be a major source for good, and one example of that is through the creation of hybrid smart contracts. These documents can combine all sorts of dynamic data from around the world, which can open up opportunities for people like farmers in third-world countries to create and implement contracts with data they never had access to before.

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What Are Hybrid Blockchains

What Are Hybrid Blockchains, Hybrid Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology Networks in Development at Chainlink Labs.

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Hybrid Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology Networks in Development at Chainlink Labs, Explore top updated videos about What Are Hybrid Blockchains.

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