Hyperledger Indy Public Blockchain Node with Alexander Shcherbakov

Published on March 7, 2021

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Alexander Shcherbakov is a software engineer at DSR working on the team at Evernym. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and is one of the maintainers of Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Plenum. In this presentation, he will explain the value of a decentralized ledger in an SSI ecosystem and examine Hyperledger Indy, which is the distributed ledger that has been powering the Sovrin Network for more than two years.

Our identities have to be trusted to be useful. When we meet strangers, we decide how much we trust them by what they tell us, and whether a trusted third party will vouch for them. In traditional identity systems, the trusted third party knows everything about everyone in the ecosystem. In Self-Sovereign Identity systems, we rely on a decentralized ledger to privately validate that the identity claims do in fact come from a trusted issuer.

Indy’s blockchain implementation is Plenum, which is a general purpose, public-permissioned, BFT distributed ledger. The presentation takes a technical look at the architecture, cryptography, transactions, data structures, and storage of the ledger including auditability, request processing, catch-up procedure, and support for custom plugins and custom transactions.

Public Blockchain 2018

Public Blockchain 2018, Hyperledger Indy Public Blockchain Node with Alexander Shcherbakov.

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Hyperledger Indy Public Blockchain Node with Alexander Shcherbakov, Watch popular explained videos related to Public Blockchain 2018.

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