Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Decentralized Technology

Published on August 6, 2021

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Module 1: Bitcoin Concepts and Basic Use

  • Demo: buying a digital video online
  • What gives Bitcoin value?
  • Big Ideas: openness, privacy, decentralized, cryptocurrency, programmable
  • Basic structure: a collectively maintained ledger
  • Transactions: how money is sent in Bitcoin
  • Smart Contract example: crowdfunding
  • Getting Bitcoin: exchange, ATM, in person, pros / cons
  • Demo: buying Bitcoin on an exchange
  • Wallets: How to store and use Bitcoin, mobile, online, hardware, cold storage
  • Demo: using a hardware wallet
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Demo: accepting Bitcoin on a website with BitPay

Module 2: How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

  • Bitcoin software universe: from wallets and libraries to full nodes
  • Demo: Installing Bitcore, javascript Bitcoin library, create Bitcoin address
  • Digital Signatures,
  • Bitcoin addresses
  • Transaction structure, UTXOs, scripts
  • Demo: creating and sending a transaction on testnet with Bitcore
  • Ledger consensus (voting) & security
  • Cryptographic hashes
  • The blockchain: structure that holds transactions
  • Coin creation, double spend attacks
  • SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) Wallets

Module 3: Advanced Bitcoin

  • HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Wallets
  • Mnemonic codes (human friendly private key storage)
  • Demo: derive Bitcoin HD addresses securely on public server without private keys using Bitcore
  • Multisignature Addresses for shared wallets & backup
  • Low trust escrow with multisignature addresses
  • Bitcoin challenges: centralization due to mining & software control, blocksize debate
  • Soft vs Hard Forks (software upgrade procedures)
  • Segregated Witnesses
  • Payment Channels & Lightning Networks (secure, off-chain transactions)
  • Check Lock Time Verify (time-based script logic)
  • Replace by Fee (update stuck transactions)
  • Payment Protocol (secure payment address delivery)
  • CoinJoin (mixing transactions for privacy)

Module 4: Beyond Bitcoin

  • Altcoins, metacoins, colored coins & side chains
  • Comparison metrics
  • Byzantine General’s problem
  • Proof-of-Work Consensus Alternatives (Primecoin, Foldingcoin)
  • Proof-of-Stake (Peercoin, NXT, future Ethereum, Bitshares delegated Proof-of-Stake)
  • Permissioned / Private blockchains for banking, enterprise (distributed database or something more? Multichain, R3)
  • Seeking high performance blockchains (Tendermint, Ripple, BigChainDB)
  • Privacy procotols & projects – why needed? (Monero, Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses)
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs & Zerocash
  • Stability coins: Digix, Tether, BitUSD, Nubits, MakerDAO
  • Ethereum – Open, Decentralized Computer for Smart Contracts
  • Demo: create and use Smart Contract (create your own token) on Ethereum
  • Prediction Markets & Augur
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), with
  • Decentralized Storage with Storj & IPFS (Interplanatary File System)
  • Decentralized Identity and Reputation (Namecoin, Identify & Onename)

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Are Private Blockchains Secure

Are Private Blockchains Secure, Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Decentralized Technology.

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Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Decentralized Technology, Explore top full videos relevant with Are Private Blockchains Secure.

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