Is Blockchain Public Cloud 2.0? Lukas Hertig and Avesta Hojjati at CloudFest 2019

Published on May 8, 2021

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Blockchain has the capability to usher in new layers of trust, but it may be too early to tell just how much transformation of the public cloud will ultimately take place. At CloudFest 2019, Lukas Hertig (SVP Bussiness Development at Plesk) and Avesta Hojjati (Senior Director, R&D at DigiCert) explored what the future has in store for decentralized / blockchain hyperscalers. Whether you are a newcomer to decentralized networks, or just want to hear about the latest blockchain developments, this session is for you.

Is Blockchain Public

Is Blockchain Public, Is Blockchain Public Cloud 2.0? Lukas Hertig and Avesta Hojjati at CloudFest 2019.

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Is Blockchain Public Cloud 2.0? Lukas Hertig and Avesta Hojjati at CloudFest 2019, Explore most searched explained videos related to Is Blockchain Public.

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