Miami Bitcoin Conference 2018 – Blockchain Summit

Published on September 8, 2021

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The Miami Blockchain Summit is organized by bond trader and entrepreneur Chris Cole of Rushcole Capital and includes a wide array of experts in the crypto and blockchain space.

This last conference took pace at the Little Haiti Cultural center at 212-260 NE 59th Terrace Miami, FL 33137 and started with a general discussion of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space by Kevork Darmo of Major League Crypto.

CEO of Crypto Playhouse, Dan Alvarez, continued with a discussion on the importance of strategic marketing and partnerships for crypto projects, with an emphasis on Adaptive Marketing Optimization and the importance of organic, influencer marketing in an environment populated by the censorship of content by traditional media giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Austin Doyle, Chief Technical Officer of Crypto Playhouse, then provided a road-map showing how the popular social media brand evolved from an initial mining-based business model into a more diverse trading and marketing-based strategic partnership model. He also discussed the importance of using knowledgeable influencers to promote cryptocurrency projects instead of generic hype.

A talk from RLT Atwood’s Denny Darmodihardjo ensued, where he discussed his migration into crypto from Wall Street and their active involvement in turning their initial crypto investment club into an actual listed investment vehicle for investors.

Shaun Quin, an ex-financial adviser from South Africa and CEO of RLT Atwood, spoke next. He discussed his career transition from the more traditional investment space to the cryptocurrency market and provided a more in-depth explanation of his firm’s attempt to offer a fully diversified listed alternative investment portfolio in the Blockchain space to both individual and institutional investors.

One of the last speakers was Brian Brackeen, CEO of Kairos, the successful facial recognition blockchain company that’s located in Wynwood District of Miami. Brian discussed Kairos’ successful $30-million security token sale and the over $1-billion in reserve that the company has from additional crypto investors. He explained in detail how Kairos’ facial recognition technology on the blockchain makes transactions more secure while protecting the identity of the parties involved.

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Public Blockchain 2018

Public Blockchain 2018, Miami Bitcoin Conference 2018 – Blockchain Summit.

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Miami Bitcoin Conference 2018 – Blockchain Summit, Play popular complete videos about Public Blockchain 2018.

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