Monica Quaintance and Lisa JY Tan on Public Blockchains — Design, Security, Economics, and Fairness

Published on November 18, 2021

Best replays relevant with Bad Credit Repair, Credit Card Application Refused, and Are All Blockchains Public, Monica Quaintance and Lisa JY Tan on Public Blockchains — Design, Security, Economics, and Fairness.

Monica Quaintance, who is the Head of Research and Networks at Kadena Blockchain. She’s a former Senior Data Engineer at Rent the Runway and a former Quantitative Analytics Engineer at the SEC. Joining Utsav Jaiswal from Hacker Noon as co-host is Lisa JY Tan, Founder and Lead Economist at Economics Design.

They discuss Monica’s entry into Blockchain, the state of Blockchains in general and her contribution to the development of the Kadena Public Blockchain, how it provides cross-chain transactions, smart contracts, and the myth of unhackable Blockchains.

Monica also serves as a co-Founder at Universal Consensus, through which, she advocates for more diversity in the Blockchain sector to realize true universal consensus.

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Are All Blockchains Public

Are All Blockchains Public, Monica Quaintance and Lisa JY Tan on Public Blockchains — Design, Security, Economics, and Fairness.

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